Candid photographs for wedding

ImagesTaking photographs of individuals when they have no clue that you're doing it is called authentic photography. One of the wonders of photography is having the capacity to catch somebody in the demonstration. It adds life to your photos.

Candid photographs with many people incorporated into the shot tend to increase a sense of depth and meaning of the context into the photograph. Under such circumstances, an ideal shot should have some level of interaction between the subjects, to add more emotions into it.

Candid Photography Most people will often tend to act in a tense or unnatural manner, as you raise your camera to take their photograph. You can overcome this issue by shooting from the hip. To achieve great quality shots, from this angle, you should set your lens at a wider angle setting to compensate for any aiming problems you may have.

Candid Photography A nice way to introduce a little bit of depth and class into candid photographs is through the use of foreground images in the shot. Foreground images like a person’s shoulder, a tree branch or even a door frame, are some elements you can use in your photos.
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ImagesWe specialize in family ceremonies and our images are living memories for years to come.
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Corporate Event Photography

ImagesCorporate Events Photography is a particular branch of photography which coddles the definite necessities of the corporate to cover different occasions, for example, yearly broad gatherings, opening services, corporate capacities, and uncommon occasions including mixed drinks and meals and so on. As an expert corporate occasion photographic artists we comprehend the necessities and spread the complete occasion from the inviting of the visitors and dignitaries to the end discourse. What's more, we cover the exhibitions of the different specialists who may be welcomed for the occasion.
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Industrial and product Photography

ImagesIndustrial and product Photography is that defined photographic practice that is commissioned by industries to document the processes, production, work organization, the employees at work, the layout, equipment etc.

We serve photographic piece is a visual record of the industry or firm that will remain as an ageless piece of documentation in the decades to come. We expertise also lies in creating quality images especially in low-lighting conditions, industrial facilities and also in difficult lighting locations. Our Professional Industrial and product Photographer Viji Kumar is an expert in clicking people in candid as well as formal settings at work and in industries as well as other commercial settings.

Exclusive Industrial and product photography that can be used in annual reports, corporate in-house marketing media, advertising and PR, websites and power point presentation. Our photography will help accentuate your business as they will serve as excellent piece of beautiful and highly professional visual outlook to your business enterprise, industry or commercial venue. This photography piece is not only a visual aid but also a communication add-on to your prospective market.
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Residential Interior

ImagesResidential Interior Photography is that defined photographic practice that is commissioned by you to document your home sweet home. Our photographer Viji Kumar has championed the process and technicalities of Residential photography in India resulting in high standards with excellent photographic results of your home.
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